LifeSavers Network Overview

The Lifesavers Network can help you automate nearly all of your business processes to save you time & money.

Access Your Courses and Students online anytime 24/7

LifeSavers Network is based in the cloud, so you can log on to access your course schedules, manage students, view reports and statistics, and print cards – all from any device, any time day or night.

Online Course Search, Registration and Payment Processing for Your Students

Lifesavers Network for Small Business provides you with a frontend website for students to use to search for courses, register and pay online. The student data is then automatically added to your class roster on the LifeSavers Network, and every student has a profile that is saved in the system.

Instructor Management and Certifications

See how your instructors are performing, manage expiring certifications, and track evaluations. The LifeSavers Network not only provides a better way for Training Centers to coordinate with their instructors, it also gives opportunities for Instructors to promote themselves with instructor profile pages.

Your Business Administration and Accounting Made Simple

Lifesavers Network handles everything from course creation and online registration, to payment processing and reporting that is integrated with Quickbooks Online so that you can see a full picture of your business revenues and manage accounting with ease.

Course Management

The course management area of the LifeSavers Network allows you to schedule and track courses, manage student rosters, validate evaluations and tests, and issue cards and certifications once the courses are complete.

Course Administration

Your Course Management home page allows you view your full list of upcoming classes as well as classes that may need processing.

Add a Course

Add a new course by entering the name and time and selecting a course location. You can work from saved course type templates to make course creation a cinch. Once your course is created it can be automatically added to your small business frontend for online course search and registration.

Course Detail View

Once a course is created and scheduled you can manage all of its information including assigned instructor(s) and student roster. Students who register for a course online are automatically added to the roster for that course.

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Watch our videos below to learn more about how LifeSavers Network can help your CPR training business. Each video covers a different area of our platform. More videos are coming soon!

Intro to the LifeSavers Dashboard

Creating & Managing Courses

Instructor Management

Creating Events & Activities


See how the LifeSavers Network can work for you on a day-to-day basis. Engage your instructors and your students with easy ways to automate course management & enrollments, submit student evaluations, and share information & reminders.

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