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The #1 Platform for AHA Training Sites and Instructors

Over 2,000 instructors use our proven software to manage their CPR/BLS/AED training classes. Now you can benefit from 25 years of CPR industry expertise with innovative technology integrated with the American Heart Association course registration solutions. LifeSavers Network is dedicated to providing American Heart Association training sites and instructors with an easy and high quality tool for turnkey course and student management.

Go Paperless

It’s a dream come true, eliminate your technical headaches with a proven process with paperless records and certifications. Every registration detail, student records, AHA required course surveys, student course participation and course times, dates and locations are at your fingertips.

Automated processes on our platform accomplish what used to be monotonous and repetitive paperwork in only a fraction of the time.

LifeSavers Network Features

LifeSavers Network is the first and only solution that gives CPR training Centers and Instructors everything they need to manage their business. From setting up a course, to student registration & certifications, all the way through payment processing and accounting. Here’s how we help you manage your CPR Training Business from start to finish, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Course Signup & Calendaring

    Allow your students to search and sign up for your courses online. We give you a course calendar and handle registration and payment processing.

  • Easily Manage Your Entire CPR Business

    100% of all you need to manage your CPR training business in one place.

  • American Heart Association eCard Integration

    The LifeSavers Network is the only platform available that provides AHA certified card printing capabilities.

  • Secure & Private

    Our services provide you with the comfort of 24/7 monitoring to protect your data.

  • Quickbooks Accounting

    All revenue from course registrations and other sources can be instantly synced with Quickbooks for accounting.

  • Student and Instructor Profiles

    Make it easier than ever to see classes and training experience of instructors and students have one place to keep up with their certifications and trainings now and forever.

  • 100% Paperless, 100% AHA Compliance

    Help save our planet’s resources and your valuable time by having everything available to you digitally so you can end reporting nightmares.

  • Always Up to Date Anywhere

    As your schedule changes real time updates are available at your fingertips from anywhere.

  • One Powerful Dashboard for Your Complete Business

    Instantly see your sales, student status, course status, open items and all the details you need to run your business happily and efficiently.

Student Course Search
& Registration

By being part of the Lifesavers Network your publicly available classes will automatically be listed for potential students and professionals needing certification to see your course offerings, timing and locations.

This automated service will allow you to easily refer clients to your courses by sharing a link in your marketing messages or finding you online when they are searching for classes.

'This service has helped my business grow tremendously. My company went from doing 60 hours of paperwork a week to under 5 hours and growing at double digits. Plus I saved tens of thousands of dollars by going paperless.'

Bob Stickel, CEO of LifeSavers, Inc.

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The LifeSavers Network is packaged to be affordable and meet your business needs, whether you are a personal instructor or a regional training site.

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  • Class Management
  • Student Registration
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Certification Management
  • Advanced Course Search
  • Print AHA Cards
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Intro to the LifeSavers Network

The Lifesavers Network is the best software platform for managing your training site. Register now for a free trial. In less than 5 minutes you can start managing your entire CPR training business hassle free. A real dream come true for CPR instructors, training sites, and CPR students. The Lifesavers Network was created to help you save time and eliminate your technical headaches with a proven process of paperless records and certifications – so you can get back to doing what’s really important, saving lives.


“After 37 years as an AHA training center, I found myself in the position of downgrading to a training site. I decided to move my 80 instructors to LifeSavers. I was attracted by their very fair pricing strategy, and the on-line class system. At approximately 9 months into our agreement, I have found the LifeSavers staff easy to work with, and very responsive to all our needs. I highly recommend them to you!”


Training Site Manager

“Working with this LifeSavers Network software has made a significant difference to my business. It has allowed me to free up so much time when entering information from one of my classes, and allowing me to spend more time on other projects. This software is clear and effective, very user friendly, and LifeSavers Network has put a lot of thought into the design of this program. I highly recommend this software to anyone in this field.”

Mark P. Azzolino

J.E.M.A. Consulting
Emergency Medical Training

“I have found that the LifeSavers software has made me and my other instructors far more efficient with our time. Our records are more accurate and eliminated a whole lot of redundant paperwork! Considering I teach for a variety of organizations in a plethora of sites, this has been especially helpful.”

Barry B.

CPR Instructor

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